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AlarmEar Fire Monitor

AlarmEar is a wireless standalone miniature Wi-Fi connected alarm sensor that is mounted next to any smoke detector. When any smoke detector that is daisy chain connected goes into alarm, the AlarmEar sensor will immediately alert our 24 hour Emergency Alarm Processing Center, VirtuAlarm® of a possible Fire Alarm Condition. 

At that time, SMS alerts will be sent out to multiple parties requesting them to either confirm or cancel the need for dispatching the Fire Department. 

If no response is received, the alarm condition is escalated to automated IVR phone calls sent to multiple parties at the same time, also requesting either confirmation to dispatch the Fire department or to Cancel the Alarm.  And if there is still no response to either CANCEL the alarm or to DISPATCH the alarm, a Live Operator will contact the local Fire Department for them to respond.

The AlarmEar design consists of a 9 Volt battery with a listening sensor and a Wi-Fi transmitter built into it.  We pre-program the AlarmEar with your local Internet SSID and password, allowing you to use it right out of the box.

Once you receive your AlarmEar, simply mount it next to any smoke detector as a stand alone device. it's power supply allows it to operate for up to 8 years without the need to be replaced.

AlarmEar was designed to allow monitoring of ANY standalone or daisy chained smoke detectors or Co2 Detectors, powered by AC or Battery.  You no longer need to install an expensive Fire Alarm panel to monitor for fire conditions.   

AlarmEar is changing the way Fire Alarm Systems Can Be Monitored.

AlarmEar with Professional Monitoring

$10.95 a Month if Added to an Existing Monitored System Alarm with Us.

$12.95 a Month if Ordered Stand Alone, Based on Term Pre-paid.






A One Time $35.00 Central Station, Police, Fire Medical Registration Fee Required For New Accounts.  

    Includes 6 Months Basic Monitoring FEEE!