New Alarm Systems

In Need of a New or Replacement Security Alarm System? 

If you don't have a system now, or you need to replace your existing one, it's easy to order a complete wireless system to fit your needs right here.

We offer our highly sophisticated Simon XT series system with multi-user arming and 40 zones of wireless protection. 

Our G.E. XT System allows for alarm monitoring over any type of phone line, including VoIP, Digital, Cable, Broadband,  I.P. or even by Cellular services.

We will provide you with a completely pre-programmed ready to install system unlike most companies that simply send you the equipment in a box requiring you to assemble and program the entire system on your own. 

G.E. Simon XT is a complete wireless security system designed for any home, condo, apartment or office and supports Burglary, Panic, Fire, Medical and Supervisory conditions such as Low Batteries, Zone Troubles and even *Openings, *Closings or *Communication Tests.

The G.E. Simon XT employs advanced wireless technology, so installation doesn't involve the mess and expense of running wires to any door, window or other type of sensor and comes preprogrammed for easy plug-n-play installation.

The G.E. Simon XT uses FLEX technology to send an alarm notification to our emergency monitoring center and  can use any type of phone line including, Standard, VoIP, Digital, Cable or even the Magic Jack!  If for any reason your phone line is degraded and cannot allow the G.E. Simon XT system to send its signal, our monitoring center will generate a general alarm condition using the caller I.D. of your phone service, and if you don't have a phone line available, you can even add a Optional Broadband WI-FI Alarm or Cellular Transmitter.

 We Offer The Following Wireless G.E. XT System:

                 G.E. Simon XT                 











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 Our Simon XT TALKING System Includes:

Simon XT Security Control System

Power Supply

1 Built in Kepad under control panel flip door

1Built-in  Siren/Speaker

Heavy Duty 24 hour backup battery

1 Wireless Door or Window Sensor

Completely Pre-Programmed Ready To Install


Monthly Signal Transmission Option Fees.

$5.95 Using a Standard Telephone Line.

$5.95 Using a VoIP Telephone Line

$5.95 Using a Cable or Digital Telephone Line

$10.95 Using an Optional Internet WI-FI Transmitter

$15.95 Using an Optional Cellular Alarm Transmitter 


Additional Devices For The G.E. Simon XT System

 Wireless Door or Window Sensors $25.00 ea.

Wireless Motion Detectors $75.00ea.

Wireless Smoke Detectors $95.00 ea.

Wireless On / Off / Panic Key Fobs $25.00 ea.

Wireless Talking Key Pads $95.00 ea. 



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