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AMS  Guarantees to convert your Alarm Monitoring into our own UL 827 Certified 24 hour Emergency Monitoring Center one By Land line, VoIp Line, Internet or Cellular. 

Please review our conversion options below in order to make you decision on what monitoring method is best suited for you.

Once the conversion is complete, we can begin providing you with 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Services for as low as $5.95 per month based on your monitoring service type ordered. 



AMS  has the ability to re-program virtually every alarm panel made using our exclusive in house download software.  We have accumulated thousands of manufacturers programming codes and even the majority of their 'secret' back door access codes allowing us to convert alarm monitoring on every professional alarm panel made in the last 30 years.


If for any reason we cannot reprogram a particular alarm panel, we still guarantee we can convert the system into our monitoring center using a host of methods, from our Digital Diverter for phone line monitoring to our Internet or Cellular/GSM transmitters.


AMS  ships its exclusive patented Digital Diverter to all consumers wanting to monitor over a Land Line or VoIP phone line.  When you place your order for monitoring service, we automatically ship out our Digital Diverter within 24 hours.  Sending the Diverter immediately can save precious time if it is determined that your account is not a candidate for reprogramming or downloading.


Your Diverter should arrive within 3 days and can be plugged in a few seconds to complete the monitoring conversion process.  And if the Diverter was not needed, simply refuse its delivery or return it to us and we will refund any shipping charges incurred.


If you elect to have your alarm monitoring using your High Speed Internet, we will send you a Broadband Adapter that connected between your alarm panel and your local wired router.  We even offer a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to your internet without the use of a wired local router.


If you elect to use one of our Cellular/GSM transmitters, it too is plug and play ready for you to connect yourself within a few minutes. 

For a limited time, we are offering our Broadband / Internet or our Cellular/GSM transmitter at NO CHARGE.  Ask us for details!



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   In compliance with UL 827, Standard for Central Station Services,
Automation systems and NFPA72 National Fire Alarm Code.       

   *WNationwide Licensing

Alabama 944165  Alaska*  Arizona*  Arkansas*  California ACO6923  Colorado 1042146  Connecticut * Delaware 796477048077   Florida EF20000708 Georgia EF20000676   Hawaii*   Idaho A362ID  Illinois 67181018  Indiana 0000493  Iowa*  Kansas*  Kentucky*  Louisiana*  Maine*  Maryland 107-1655  Massachusetts*   Michigan*   Minnesota 38970712  Mississippi*  Missouri* Montana*    Nebraska*  Nevada 2010056895713  New Hampshire*  New Jersey*  New Mexico*  New York*  North Carolina*  North Dakota*  Ohio*  Oklahoma 1763  Oregon*  Pennsylvania* Rhode Island*  South Carolina*  South Dakota*  Tennessee*  Texas *B16900  Utah*  Vermont*  Virginia *F1830608  Washington *601752286  West Virginia*  Wisconsin*  Wyoming* (*Designates Not required or In "Process. )

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