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AMS VoIP Monitoring


Monitoring over a VoIP line requires the use of any existing voice over I.P. service through your high speed internet.  When your Alarm System is triggered, your alarm panel dials to our monitoring center using a toll free number.

Using a VoIP phone line allows the alarm system to send *detailed alarm signals to the monitoring center, including specialized testing and diagnostic codes.

Our highly skilled Technical Staff is trained to re-program your alarm system right over the phone line or if your panel cannot be reprograqmmed, we will send you our patented Digital Diverter to convert your alarm system into our monitoring center. To use our Digital Diverter, simply plug it in between your alarm panel and VoIP line as shown below.

(See Steps 1-2-3 below.)


Monitoring is $5.95 Per Month Using a VoIP Phone Line.