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(Monitoring by Internet.)

If you want to cancel your phone lines and have it switched over to internet monitoring, we recommend using our patented IPalarm-Wi-Fi transmitter.  This simple to install transmitter was designed to easily connect to your alarm panels tip and ring output jack and convert what normally would be sent over a phone line, to an IP format sent over the internet our alarm monitoring center instead. You can choose to purchase our IP-Alarm Wi-Fi transmitter for only $139.95 to receive our $7.95 rate, or lease it from us with any alarm monitoring plan for only $5.00 per month.
Plus, when purchased, we include the VirtuAlarm® TOTAL CONTROL™ APP and service FREE, a NO FALSE ALARM Guarantee.
What Plan is Best For You?
Before deciding what plan is best for you, we recommend calling us to discuss your options.  To speak to a representative call us at 1-800-915-1937