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AMS Alarm Mail Monitoring

 ALARM EAR aaAlarm Mail - Email Monitoring requires the ability for your piece of equipment to send an email to our automation system.  We provide you with an encripted email address that you can program into any device.  It can be a security system, fire alarm, smoke detector, C02 detector, Smart phone or even through Amazons ECHO or Googles Home devices.  So now when you just say "ECHO, HELP ME"... Help will be on its way! 

The Alarm Mail system was designed to allow monitoring of ANY alarm system that can send an email.  We convert that email into an actual alarm signal of your choice for professional monitoring service and response.



FREE Use of Our Email Server When Monitoring For $5.95 Per Month.

A One Time $35.00 Central Station, Police, Fire Medical Registration Fee Required For New Accounts.  

    Includes 6 Months Basic Monitoring FEEE!