ALARM EAR aaAlarmEar - BROADBAND /INTERNET Monitoring requires the use of our patented AlarmEar system.

This system was designed to allow monitoring of ANY alarm system that uses a siren or bell when going into alarm.

Some alarm companies "LOCK OUT" their alarm panels. Some systems are TOO OLD. Some systems simply have no dialer or transmitter option as they were made to only be a 'local' system. And Some systems aren't even "alarm systems".  They could be an exit door or mechanical system alert system.  The ALARM EAR can still monitor them. 

In fact, the ALARM EAR system is so effective, it can be set-up to monitor your smoke detectors, even if they are the local battery operated ceiling units.

To Connect this device, you simply plug our ALARM EAR HUB into your local high speed internet router.

Then place the wireless "ALARM EAR" within 6 inches of the sounding device you want monitored.  That device will now be connect via Wi-Fi to the HUB and into our monitoring center. 

Should the alarm system go into alarm, a wireless signal is sent to the master receiver, which in turn transmits the fire alarm into the 24 hour monitoring center at the lightning speed of less that 10 seconds.

Our Revolutionary AlarmEar system is going to charge the way Alarm systems are monitored. 



Complete AlarmEar system for ZERO DOWN and $15.95 per month. 




A One Time $35.00 Central Station, Police, Fire Medical Registration Fee Required For New Accounts.  

    Includes 6 Months Basic Monitoring FEEE!